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No, I am not dead. Though for the past few months it has seemed like it. Last semester got the better of me, forcing me to work almost nonstop on projects for my intaglio and video classes. I also spent quite a bit of time working on character designs and I think I found something I'm happy with. It combines elements of the classic Zeta and Seph with a different version of them I'd been working on. It really won't be too different from the way it has been, but I'm happier with it. I've also been working on designs for other aliens that might or might not appear in the comic. But, even though I haven't worked on the comic since about mid-last year, that doesn't mean Zeta and Seph haven't gotten use. I've managed to work them into nearly all of my art projects (including a neat Flash animation I did for my video class, which I'll eventually put up somewhere) and will continue to do so. I'll even be using a drawing from my intaglio class for one of the milestone comics, should I ever get their (yeah, I know I'm lazy, so sue me.) So, essentially I'm not back to working on comics yet, but I will be soon.

As for this filler, it's something I started to work on last semester for a Pokemon art jam at Sketchbattle. I finally got around to coloring it. Enjoy.

If anyone out there wants to contact me about the comic:

All Tv, movie, anime, video game, etc. information or likenesses (that are not of my own creation)are copyrighted to their respective owners and used for fandom purposes within the comic. Zeta, Seph, and anything thing else related to the core concept of Zeta is copyrighted to Matthew Sherbel

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